Si tengo una discapacidad o he sufrido una enfermedad grave, ¿puedo contratar un seguro de vida?

Can you take out life insurance if you suffer from a serious illness or with some type of disability or invalidity?

If at the time of contracting life insurance you suffer from a serious illness or have some type of disability or invalidity, the insurer may reject the policy. In some cases, the insurer’s offer may include the payment of a premium, among other conditions.

Life insurance in case of serious illness or pre-existing disability

If you have a serious illness or disability before applying for a life policy, the insurer must review each insurance application individually. In some cases of serious illness or disability, insurers can offer the client a solution that adapts to their circumstances and needs. This solution will involve paying an extra premium (higher premium) and, probably, having fewer guarantees or reduced coverage.

Never hide a serious illness or disability when hiring your life insurance

Not informing the insurer about the actual state of health can cause the insurer to refuse to pay compensation in the event of a loss covered by the policy, if it discovers that there was a pre-existing illness or disability. Lying to the insurance causes the coverage to be disabled.

What if life insurance is mandatory?

There is no case in which it is mandatory to take out life insurance. In any case, if you want to take out a policy of this type linked to a financial operation, check carefully what you sign at the bank and make sure that the health information is correct. It is common for these types of documents to be offered with the health information included, without even asking if everything is correct.

In any case, remember that no financial institution can force you to take out life insurance as a requirement for granting the loan.

And if you have already signed the life insurance and you verify that the information does not correspond, remember that you have a maximum period of 30 days from the time the insurer gives you the definitive policy or the provisional coverage document to terminate the contract without indicating the reasons. , without this entailing any penalty and without the insurer being able to oppose the cancellation.

It is very important that you do not sign life insurance if you have a serious illness or some type of disability without carefully reading the terms of the contract that you are given to sign.

Do I have to report a new illness to life insurance?

It is not necessary to notify the life insurance of the deterioration of health. After all, the risk increases with age and, with it, the possibility of suffering from diseases. According to article 11 of Law 50/1980, of October 8, on Insurance Contracts, in personal insurance, the policyholder or the insured have no obligation to notify the change in circumstances relating to the state of health of the insured, which in In no case will they be considered an aggravation of the risk.


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