¿Puedo pedir un anticipo al seguro de vida si no puedo pagar el Impuesto de Sucesiones?

If I can’t pay Inheritance Tax, can I apply for a life insurance advance? What if I can’t pay this tax?

It is important that you are clear that to collect the compensation of a life insurance it is necessary to present and pay the Inheritance Tax. This can cause big problems when you don’t have money to pay this tax.

A possible solution is to request an advance of the life insurance compensation of the deceased to pay the Inheritance Tax. However, this is not always possible.

Keep in mind that, as such, the advance to pay the Inheritance Tax is an additional coverage that not all life insurance policies have. In addition, this advance has a limit, either total or a percentage of the insured capital.

However, there is the possibility of making partial settlements of Inheritance Tax. This makes it easier to collect life insurance compensation. In addition, personal cheques may be issued to the relevant settlement office against the insurance provision to cover the payment of the tax.

In any case, it must be taken into account that insurance companies are not obliged to give any advance for the payment of Inheritance Tax, although it is something that is done frequently. For greater security, and with the intention of facilitating the procedures for the heirs, it would be convenient to review this point in the clauses of the life insurance contract and take it into account before hiring it.


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