¿Qué es un seguro de vida y para qué sirve?

Do you know what life insurance is and what it is for? What types of life insurance are there?

Life insurance is a legally binding contract that pays a death benefit to the policyholder when the insured dies. For a life insurance policy to remain in force, the policyholder must pay a single premium upfront or pay periodic premiums over time. When the insured dies, the designated beneficiaries of the policy will receive the face value of the policy or the death benefit.

The main coverage of any life insurance is death from any cause. However, additional coverage can be contracted, such as absolute disability.

For the contract to be enforceable, the life insurance application must include the past and current health conditions and high-risk activities of the insured. If the insured does not offer precise and exact information, or lies about their health conditions and their activities, the insurer may refuse to pay compensation in the event of death or other aspects covered by the policy, if they have been contracted.

Life insurance can be risk life insurance and savings insurance.

There are two main types of life insurance risk can be temporary whole life. Whole insurance can provide coverage for a lifetime, while term life insurance offers protection for a specified period of time.

Before taking out life insurance, it is important to analyze your own financial situation and determine how much money would be needed to maintain the standard of living of the beneficiaries or satisfy the need for which a policy of this type is contracted.

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