¿Cómo se sabe que tipo de impuesto hay que pagar por las prestaciones en un seguro de vida?

What kind of tax do you have to pay when collecting life insurance? How is the corresponding tax rate determined?

When any compensation or any benefit is collected, taxes must be paid. This is what happens with the benefits or indemnities of life insurance.

In the case of life risk insurance, taxes are paid according to the reason for which the insured capital is collected:

  • If it is charged due to the death of the insured, it is taxed by the Inheritance and Donations Tax (ISD).
  • If it is charged for the reason of disability or other insured risk other than death, it is taxed by the Personal Income Tax (IRPF).

In the case of savings insurance or survivors’ insurance, the type of tax to be paid depends on the relationship between the insured and the beneficiary.

  • If the policyholder and the beneficiary are the same person, personal income tax is taxed.
  • If the policyholder and the beneficiary are different persons, ISD is taxed.

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