Cafeína y su efecto en las mujeres

cafeína en las mujeres

Do you know what effect caffeine can have on women? For me, coffee in the morning is a complete ritual, it is a mixture of tranquility and solitude sought after in which to read the press or simply contemplate the day from the kitchen window.

The rest of the coffees throughout the day are different, sometimes it is an excuse to chat with a friend and other times it is a necessity to endure the pull of a particularly intense day.

Face it, we all have in one way or another the magical powers of caffeine. It helps you wake up, get through your work day, and generally function. According to statistics, 90% of people in the world consume caffeine in one form or another.

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Negative Effects of Caffeine on Women

Now, if you’re a woman, your beloved daily cup of Cappuccino may be doing you a disservice . There are certain negative effects of caffeine on women that you need to be aware of:

PMS out of time

Studies at Duke University have shown that caffeine causes your blood vessels to dilate, which in turn can make your breasts swollen and sore, as if you’re experiencing PMS but aren’t.

Imagine being with PMS all the time! Awful, right? According to this study, 61% of women with breast pain improved by reducing their daily caffeine intake.

It seems that the more coffee you drink, the worse your PMS symptoms will be. It just so happens that caffeine causes anxiety, anxiety causes stress, and stress can intensify your PMS discomfort.

Fibrosis and cysts in breasts

More than half of women experience fibrocystic breast changes. It is a benign condition that causes lumps in the breasts. These lumps are perfectly normal, but they can cause pain or tenderness. And this is where caffeine comes in. It turns out that according to research conducted at the University of Iowa, caffeine has been found to worsen the tenderness and pain associated with those with breast cysts. Oh and attention because chocolate can also have the same effect.

It’s important to note that neither caffeine nor chocolate actually causes fibrocystic problems. Caffeine increases breast tenderness and makes, for example, the experience of getting a mammogram even more uncomfortable than normal.

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How much coffee is safe for women

A safe amount of caffeine is about two cups of coffee a day, or 200 to 300 milligrams (mg) . Keep in mind that caffeine can also be found in soft drinks, energy drinks, cocoa and chocolate. An interesting suggestion is to give up caffeine for three to four months and see if the pain improves. However, if you can’t live without your coffee simply reducing your caffeine intake to 150 milligrams, which is about one cup of coffee a day, can be very beneficial.

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If what you need is to improve your vitality and your energy, consider the possibility of exercising on a regular basis to be more active without needing so much caffeine.

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