¿Se puede cobrar un seguro de vida sin aceptar la herencia?

Is it necessary to accept the inheritance in order to collect compensation from life insurance? What if I am a beneficiary of a life policy, but I do not want to accept an inheritance?

The quick answer is yes, you can collect life insurance without having to accept the inheritance.

The first thing to know is that the insured capital is not part of the policyholder’s assets and, therefore, the life insurance capital is not part of the inheritance. In addition, the fact that the legal heirs were the beneficiaries designated in the policy does not imply that the compensation is part of the estate. In fact, the amount of life insurance is not part of the inheritance.

The main reason why the insured sum received by life insurance beneficiaries is not part of the estate, even though those beneficiaries are the legal heirs, is that the sum guaranteed in the life insurance policy was never part of the estate. Estate of the deceased. Therefore, that amount cannot be counted within the inheritance of that person.

This is because it is a case derived from a contract. This contract designates one or more direct beneficiaries. Consequently, although the collection of both the inheritance and the insured capital of life insurance depends directly on the death of a person, the collection of insurance is carried out by contractual means, which has nothing to do with the inheritance, which is the It is used to administer the inheritance.
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