¿Qué ocurre cuando se llega a la edad de cobertura límite del seguro de vida?

What happens if I reach the limit coverage age? Do I have to do anything with the insurer? Is it necessary to do some kind of paperwork?

Life insurance covers you up to a certain age . This age depends on the policy and coverage. Normally, the maximum age for death coverage from any cause is between 70 and 80 years (check your policy to make sure of this information). For absolute disability coverage, coverage is typically retirement age; that is, between 65 and 67 years old (also, you have to check this in your policy).

When you reach this age, you don’t have to do anything. The insurer, on her behalf, stops providing coverage. If it is death coverage for any cause, what happens is that the contract expires and you will no longer be charged. In the case of absolute disability coverage, this coverage ceases to be valid and the payment of the premium will be adapted. For any questions, consult the insurer or your insurance broker.

At  PuntoSeguro   we not only process your life policy, but we help you in any future process you may need. We also advise you when taking out your policies and we inform you of the best rates to renew your insurance with the necessary advance notice.

In addition, in our  life insurance comparator  you can compare the prices and conditions of the best life policies on the market, including life insurance with coverage in the event of absolute permanent disability. And just by contracting a life policy with us you can participate in the  #RetoPuntoSeguro , with which you will get an interesting bonus on the renewal of your life insurance just for having an active lifestyle and overcoming the monthly challenges.

If you need more information to take out insurance or need any additional clarification, do not hesitate to  contact  us.

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