¿Tengo que pasar una revisión médica para contratar un seguro de vida?

Is it necessary to pass a medical review to take out life insurance? Do I have to go to the doctor to certify my state of health before taking out a life policy? 

Depending on the contracting age and the insured capital, insurers may or may not require a medical review. Normally, insurers require a medical review when the insured capital to be contracted exceeds certain limits. These limits are those established by the insurer.

The companies also request the presence medical review from a certain age . The age from which insurers request a face-to-face medical review depends, but it is usually around 50 years old (or less, depending on the insured capital).

What it is necessary to complete or answer by telephone is the medical questionnaire. The medical questionnaire is essential when establishing the insurance premium. The questionnaire assesses issues such as pathologies and previous illnesses or family illnesses that may have a genetic nature (such as cancer) or that are hereditary. In addition, the medical questionnaire also serves to assess issues related to lifestyle; such as the consumption of tobacco, alcohol or other substances, being overweight or obese, or a sedentary lifestyle.

Not answering the medical questionnaire honestly can have important repercussions when the beneficiaries of the insurance can collect compensation. In fact, the insurer can refuse to pay compensation if it detects that the insured lied in the questionnaire.

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