¿Las personas con profesiones de riesgo pueden contratar un seguro de vida?

Is there life insurance that covers people with risky professions? If I am a police officer or civil guard, can I take out life insurance?

Standard life insurance does not cover risks arising from risky sports or risky professions. However, this does not mean that there is no insurance for these cases. In fact, there are some specific life insurance for risky professions.

Life insurance companies consider as risky professions those in which the risk assumed is greater. This is the case of security forces and bodies, if explosive materials are handled or that can cause damage, among others.

The basic coverage of any life insurance is death from any cause. Risk professionals tend to place special emphasis on coverage such as accidental death (which takes into account the characteristics of their professional), absolute and permanent disability and serious illnesses.

Even if a person with a risky profession has group life insurance offered by their company or by the administration, it does not hurt to hire another that extends the coverage and the amount of compensation. Especially considering that these group insurances usually have quite low insured capital. In any case, it is important to be clear that, as there is a significant aggravation of the risk, the premium will be much higher than with standard insurance.

PuntoSeguro.com has agreements with the main insurance companies to be able to offer life insurance to police officers and civil guards at competitive prices thanks to the correct delimitation of the risks inherent to the profession.

Although the State Security Corps and Forces have accident insurance, contracted with the corresponding Administration, both the coverage and the compensation are, in many cases, insufficient, even taking into account the pensions for widows and/or orphans. That is why there are more and more police officers and civil guards that take out life insurance that really offers coverage and compensation that is worthwhile to protect their families financially.

If you are a National Police, Municipal Police or Autonomous Police, be sure to use the life insurance comparator for police officers at PuntoSeguro.com. And if you are a Civil Guard, be sure to compare prices on the Life Insurance for Civil Guards comparator.

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