¿Qué es una correduría de seguros?

What is an insurance brokerage? What are the advantages of taking out insurance through an insurance broker?

An insurance broker is a company that acts as a mediator between insurance companies and clients through the figure of the insurance broker (also known as a broker in the Anglo-Saxon market). The insurance broker is an expert insurance mediator  who provides the client with the insurance that best suits their profile and interests, and resolves any questions that may arise, both in contracting the policy and in renewal, or in case of Sinister.

Unlike insurance agents that are linked to an insurance company, brokers do not maintain any type of relationship with insurers, which makes them independent, and enables them to collaborate with different insurers. In the event of a claim, a brokerage will always defend the interests of the client against those of the insurer.

The expert advice service offered by the brokerage is always free for the client. This is because the brokerage is financed through the intermediation of insurance policies. Therefore, the client does not have to pay anything for requesting information and advice.

At PuntoSeguro we help you with your policies

At  PuntoSeguro  we not only process your life policy, but we also help you with any future process you may need. PuntoSeguro is a digital insurance brokerage. We are insurance mediators, so we can help you find the company and the policy that best suits your needs. And if you have a problem with your insurance during your contractual relationship with the insurer, we help you manage it. All this at no additional cost to you.

Therefore, if you contract any insurance through PuntoSeguro, you will only have to worry about the price of the policy. If you need more information to take out insurance or need any additional clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.

In the  PuntoSeguro life insurance comparator   you can compare the prices and conditions of the best life policies on the market, including life insurance with coverage in the event of absolute permanent disability, whether you are looking for individual  life  insurance , Mortgage life  or  group life insurance .

Do you want more?

By contracting your life insurance  with PuntoSeguro you have free access to the  PuntoSeguro Fit app. In addition to keeping track of your daily physical activity, and contributing to social causes, you can get a discount of up to €120 on each renewal.

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