¿Qué documentación hay que presentar para cobrar la indemnización de un seguro de vida por causa de muerte?

If I am a beneficiary of life insurance and the insured person dies, what documentation do I have to submit to collect compensation?

To collect the life insurance compensation, the beneficiary must present the following documentation:

  • DNI of the beneficiary and a photocopy of it.
  • Birth certificate and death certificate of the insured.
  • Medical certificate of the insured in which the cause of death and the origin and evolution of the illness or accident that caused the death are explained.
  • In the case of death by accident, the testimony of the judicial proceedings must be presented.
  • Certificate of the Registry of Last Wills of the insured.
  • Copy of the last Will, Notarial Act of Declaration of Heirs or Judicial Order of Declaration of Heirs.
  • Settlement and letter of payment of the Inheritance and Donations Tax (ISD).
  • Instance (in duplicate) that contains the data of the insured and the beneficiary, the name of the insurance company, the policy number and the capital to be collected. In some cases, the insurer may request a copy of the contracted life policy.
  • In the event that the heirs have not been designated by name and surname, but are recorded as such, for example, the legal heirs, it will also be necessary to present:
    • the marriage certificate (in the case of being the spouse)
    • the family book (in the case that the beneficiaries are the children)

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