¿Qué documentación hay que presentar en el Registro de Contratos de Seguro de cobertura de fallecimiento?

What documentation do I have to submit to the Registry of Insurance Contracts for death coverage to know if I am a beneficiary of life insurance?

The Registry of Death Insurance Contracts is a public registry under the Ministry of Justice whose purpose is to provide the necessary information so that potential interested parties can know if a deceased person had contracted death insurance, as well as the insurance company with which it was subscribed. Its purpose is for potential beneficiaries to contact it to verify if they appear as beneficiaries and, where appropriate, claim from the insurance company the benefit derived from the contract.

To request information on life insurance in the Registry of death coverage insurance contracts, form 790 must be submitted, which can be downloaded on the www.mjusticia.gob.es website or, free of charge, at the Territorial Management of the Ministry of Justice and in Madrid at the Central Office of Citizen Services.

However, submitting the form to request the information has a cost, a fee that at the time of publication of this article is € 3.70. This fee can be paid by electronic banking or in any of the Financial Institutions collaborating with the Tax Agency. In this case, once the fee has been paid and the model validated, it must be presented at the window or sent by mail. This management can also be done from abroad, paying the fee in a collaborating Spanish entity or making a transfer. In this case, it is important to review the conditions on the AEAT website.

In addition to requesting the model and paying the fee, it is necessary to submit the following documentation:

  • Literary death certificate, in original or certified copy, issued by the Civil Registry corresponding to the locality where the person died, which must necessarily include the name of the parents of the deceased.
  • If the date of death is later than April 2, 2009 and the death is not registered in a Magistrate’s Court, it is not necessary to present the death certificate. In this case, it is essential to state the DNI/NIE of the deceased (if you do not have an NIE, a copy of the passport or, failing that, the identity document of your country of origin).

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