¿Qué diferencia hay entre invalidez absoluta e invalidez total?

What is the difference between absolute disability and total disability?

These terms can lead to confusion. Understanding the difference between absolute disability and total disability is very important for various reasons, such as, for example, understanding the coverage of life insurance, accident insurance and work disability insurance. Therefore, to begin with, it is important to clarify the following:

  • when we talk about permanent disability we are talking about absolute permanent disability ;
  • when we talk about total disability we are talking about professional total disability .

Absolute  permanent disability  is an irreversible physical situation that incapacitates a person to  carry out any professional activity . In these cases, the coverage for permanent disability compensates the insured when, after an accident, they cannot carry out any type of professional activity.

For its part,  total professional disability  refers to the inability    to continue exercising the profession  that was being carried out when the accident occurred. In these cases, the coverage compensates the insured when he can no longer continue practicing the profession declared in the policy, even if the injury does not prevent him from engaging in another activity.

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