La cobertura de daños estéticos en el seguro de hogar

seguro de cobertura de daños cosméticos

In general , cosmetic damage coverage is not always included in home insurance. For this reason, it is essential to review the policy, to find out if these damages are covered and with what limits.

Aesthetic damage can occur both in container and content. Normally, these data are insured at first risk , that is, up to a certain amount -for example, up to €2,000- or up to a certain percentage of the insured sum.

Normally the limits are independent for container and for content, being able to indemnify both items simultaneously in case of occurrence.

But, what is cosmetic damage and what does cosmetic damage coverage consist of?  


What does cosmetic damage coverage cover?

Let’s explain it with some examples. We have a water leak in the house and a wall gets wet. When painting, the most normal thing is that, if only the affected wall is painted, it remains a close color, but not the same as the rest. With the cosmetic damage coverage, the insurer is responsible for painting the entire room so that the color is identical throughout the room.

The same would happen if, for example, a part of the kitchen burns down and it is not possible to partially replace it. With the cosmetic damage coverage, the entire contents of the kitchen will be replaced to restore the situation prior to the accident.

The fundamental thing is to achieve a reasonable uniformity in the damaged goods so that after the insured’s repairs, the good is similar to how it was before.

Check the exclusions of your home insurance

Finally , it is convenient to review the express exclusions that appear in the general conditions of the policy. For example, you have to check what happens to sanitary devices, motor vehicles, collections, books, trees or plants. In short, it is very important to make sure that we have cosmetic damage covered in our policy and see if the coverage limit is sufficient.

If the damage is due to a fault of a neighbor?

In the event that the problem comes from a breakdown of a neighbor, the coverage that is taken into account is civil liability. In this case, the neighbor’s insurance or, where appropriate, the community, will take care of leaving everything as it was.

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